Hi there, thanks for stopping by!
This survey is just for me to see who are the people that read this weekly reading list. I promise, it won't take you too long, so let's just jump right in!
Where did you hear about »UX und Tollerei«?

When do you usually read your »UX und Tollerei« Issue?

At what time do you usually read it?

Which distribution way of »UX und Tollerei« do you prefer?

Are you using a feedreader (like Feedbin for example) to get the latest »UX und Tollerei« Issue?

Do you like the quote in every Issue?

Since the last Issue I started to put an inspirational quote, that I stumbled upon during the week, at the beginning of every Issue
Do you like the illustrations in every Issue?

By the way: These beauties are drawn/animated/modeled by Fabian Denter (https://twitter.com/fabiandenter)
Did you already recommended »UX und Tollerei« to your friends and/or colleagues?

Thank you very much for participating. Because of people like you, the people who read this little reading list, I really get the motivation for doing this every week :)
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